ALL ABOUT INTELPATH Point-to-Point Terrestrial Microwave and Millimeter Wave Analysis Intelpath has received both industry-specific and national recognition for Microwave and Millimeter Wave channel procurement. Intelpath engineers are highly trained to identify and isolate interference-free channels in congested and dynamic markets, positioning itself as a vital resource, given increasingly-limited spectrum availability.
ALL ABOUT INTELPATHPoint-to-Point Terrestrial Microwave and Millimeter Wave Analysis Intelpath has received both industry-specific and national recognition for Microwave and Millimeter Wavechannel procurement. Intelpath engineers are highly trained to identify and isolate interference-free channelsin congested and dynamic markets, positioning itself as a vital resource,given increasingly-limited spectrum availability.

Frequency Coordination


Frequency Coordination includes the generation and dissemination of prior coordination notices (PCN) to the frequency coordinator representatives of each microwave receiver located within a coordination contour around each proposed new microwave transmit location.


When a PCN is received by a frequency coordinator, the interference analysis done by Intelpath in selecting the frequencies will be checked, and any potential conflicts with the clients of that coordinator will be identified and transmitted back to Intelpath.


A negotiation between frequency coordinators ensues and is completed only when all potential conflicts have been resolved.


Each recipient frequency coordinator has thirty days to respond to each PCN.

At the end of the frequency coordination process, the deliverables are a data sheet and a Supplemental Showing become attachments to the FCC Form 601 license application form.

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