ALL ABOUT INTELPATH Point-to-Point Terrestrial Microwave and Millimeter Wave Analysis Intelpath has received both industry-specific and national recognition for Microwave and Millimeter Wave channel procurement. Intelpath engineers are highly trained to identify and isolate interference-free channels in congested and dynamic markets, positioning itself as a vital resource, given increasingly-limited spectrum availability.
ALL ABOUT INTELPATH Point-to-Point Terrestrial Microwave and Millimeter Wave Analysis Intelpath has received both industry-specific and national recognition for Microwave and Millimeter Wavechannel procurement. Intelpath engineers are highly trained to identify and isolate interference-free channelsin congested and dynamic markets, positioning itself as a vital resource,given increasingly-limited spectrum availability.



PTP Microwave Licensing


With over 20 years of Industry Experience, Intelpath engineers have analyzed tens of thousands of Microwave paths.  Supported by proprietary software that interfaces with the FCC’s database, Intelpath can efficiently determine the feasibility of any given project.  Intelpath engineers are trained to work around frequency congestion and propose alternate solutions, while meeting each customer’s capacity needs, timeline, and budget.


70-90GHz Millimeter Wave Registration


The demand for higher capacity solutions is met with Millimeter Wave (mmWave) innovation.  Along with increased spectrum availability in the FCC E-Band, mmWave Registration can deliver 10Gbps of symmetric capacity.


Special Temporary Authorization (STA)

With more Americans working from home, bandwidth demands continue to rise.  As a result, the FCC has allocated spectrum in the U-NII-4 band (5850-5925 MHz) via Special Temporary Authority (STA).  The additional spectrum is typically granted for a 6-month term and can be renewed upon request.


Experimental Licensing

Recently, the FCC released a Report and Order and Future Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to expand unlicensed broadband operations into the 6GHz band, as a benefit to the public (FCC Record: FCC-20-51A1).  On behalf of operators needing additional spectrum (both PTP and PMP), Intelpath can apply for an Experimental License in the U-NII-5 and U-NII-7 Bands.


Tower Registration

Intelpath can register your tower with both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and FCC.  For Tower owners, this service provides compliance, and yields visibility with the FCC’s searchable Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) database.  Visibility within the database leads to lessee contracts and recurring revenue.



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